What we do


providing total and comprehensive governmental services and solutions to all types of companies, organizations, and individuals in Qatar.
With us you will save time,effort, and money. With our fast service, competitive prices and cooperative highly trained and experienced staff there will be no doubt of why we stand out and excel in our field

Immigration Department

  • Entry VISAs
  • Extension of VISAs
  • Family Visit VISAs
  • VISAs Extension
  • Sponsorships transfer
  • Exit permits
  • Residence permits
  • ID card issuing

Ministry of Labor

  • New Block Visa
  • Block Visa Amendment
  • Employment contracts
  • Woman work Permit

Ministry of Business & Trade

  • New company establishing Process
  • Renewal of C.R
  • Amendment of C.R
  • Chamber of Commerce membership (new/renew/amend)
  • Commercial license (new/renew/amend)
  • Sign Board License

Traffic Department

  • Issuance of New Driver License
  • Renewal of Driver License
  • Registration of A New Vehicle
  • Renewal of Vehicle License
  • Transfer Ownership of Vehicles

Ministry of Justice

  • Attestation Contracts Between Companies
  • Attestation Articles of Association

Criminal Investigation Department

  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Finger Prints for Employees

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Attestation Certificates

Supreme Council of Health

  • Health Card & certification
  • Medical License
  • Medical commission for Employees

Insurance Companies

  • Insurance for Workers
  • Insurance for Vehicles
  • Insurance for Projects
  • All Types of Personal Insurances


  • Certificate Attestation
  • Passport Renewal
  • Issuance of VISAs


  • Issuance of Phone lines
  • Paying Bills
  • General Account Services


  • Registration to Kahrama
  • Issuance of Kahrama Services
  • Paying Kahrama Bills